Kadam -UK’s latest Music Sensation

Today, my calendar is booked up until the New Years Eve, and I am blessed to receive overwhelming love and support in the United Kingdom.

I started my journey in Simla, where I was studying at one of the most prestigious schools of India, Bishop Cotton School. My music teacher, Mrs. Ranjana Das handpicked me, after noticing my ability to sing. I was selected as part of the school choir, singing Hymns at the school Chapel.I sang in English, but over time my interest in Hindi Music was growing as I would rehearse with my teacher for hours. I had training sessions with Mrs. Das which would last for couple of hours in the evenings.

I have been blessed with amazing people in my life, my teachers and mentors, who have supported my decisions. My parents are the most amazing human beings, who supported my dreams and visions, during the up and downs in life, made sure that the kids had top-notch education and quality of life.

kadam star

My parents had always ensured that I didn’t loose track of music, and unlike most Indian parents who pressure kids for 90% marks, they wanted me to have a good balance between music and studies, which was definitely a blessing in disguise.

I started Indian classical vocal training, I was introduced to my Guru Ji, Shri Krishan Kalia Ji. He was a master in Indian classical music, belonging to the “Patiala Gharana” , the exponents of which include some mind blowing singers such as “Bade Ghulam Ali Khan Saab”, “Ghulam Ali”, ” Fateh Ali Khan”, “Shafqat Amanat Ali” to name a few.


My Guru Ji started teaching me with songs of Rafi Sahab and moved on to basic vocal classical training, which clearly improved the vocals, and I could feel the difference after a few months.

Well, even though there was no pressure, I still managed to score 92% in grade 12, and end of high school meant opening the doors of further education, which meant moving out of Shimla and loosing contact with my “Guru Ji”.
I was admitted in Punjab University to pursue my Bachelors in Law (BA.LL.B, Honors), which was one of the best decision of my life, as those were the best 5 years of my life.

My parents gifted a new instrument on my birthday – a Harmonium, again making sure I was on track with music and didn’t loose interest.
My brother Karan was my biggest critic, who mocked me, all but to improve my bad singing habits (Including Nasal singing) .

I started singing at the University musical and cultural festivals regularly. I picked up good stage confidence,performing to wholesome crowds at the University Law Auditorium.

Some of my achievements during the proud 5 years in Chandigarh was 1st prize in the McDowells All India Karaoke Competition, 2nd Prize at the “Rafi Sahab Night” at the Gaitey Theatre Shimla and qualifying to the Top 20 of reality show “Sangam Sur Sangeet Ka”

kadam uni.jpg

In 2014, I moved to U.K. to pursue Masters of laws in International Commercial Law from University of Leicester. But my passion for music was evolving at a dynamic speed, as being away from home brought me closer to my culture and language.

My brother, Kunal Verma, a gem of a person, he has been my support system through out this journey. He introduced me to Mr. Jay Kotak, my first promoter, who gave me the chance to sing and showcase my talent to a decent sized crowd within the East Midlands.


“Had it not been for my brother, no one would have heard the songs, I sang.”

Amazed by the response, I focused on music more than ever, it encouraged me to do even better and wait for the audience reaction to my singing, which was as always, overwhelming.

I found support in other promoters, including the Food Garage, Leicester where I started off with small sized ticket shows which were sold out every time and KDR events and Glitz Entertainment Leicester.

sold out

I met, Mr Shaf Memom, who is not only my promoter but also my mentor, an elder brother and a guide.My first official event over the Valentine’s weekend – “Come fall in Love this Valentines”, which was sold out in spite of having a dozen ticket shows on the same day in Leicester, one of them being a Star Show with the lovely Shaan in Leicester.

Media Personality, Jagdeep Rainu, who made sure my voice reached a large number of people, through Sabras Radio and Venus TV, has been a strong support through out my journey.
My Special Thanks to the “Ismaili Community” in the U.K. who have given me tremendous love and support, and Zaher Ismail for having introduced me to the community and being the lovely person.

In the past two years, I performed all over the UK, including London, Bradford, Manchester, Birmingham and Notthingham and have had repeat bookings.

Presently, I am working on my first song, I plan to release the first single by the end of 2016.

Kadam Verma- a Lawyer at work, a Singer at heart and a visionary at mind.


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