It’s time to #Levelup

You are the only person holding yourself back from achieving your dreams and if you notice these signs, it’s about time to take your life to the next level. Your destiny is out there if you have the courage and determination to take hold of it. 

Bravery is required on the journey of self-fulfilment and when you succeed, you will know what you are truly capable of. 

Continuous learning is part of our life as a human on this planet and it is a fact that gives us joy and motivates us to keep learning. if you haven’t been inspired by some new wisdom lately, go find it. 

Read more, take a class, try a new place to do groceries, talk to someone who you usually avoid. if you have not branched out lately, this is a good time to challenge yourself to a new experience. 

Self realisation is important. Learn about yourself by doing some personal exploration. Challenge your own thinking anytime you say to yourself – ‘I can’t because….’ 

Are you really not capable or are you limiting yourself in some way? Is fear the only thing holding you back from doing what you want?

Lose the sense of entitlement

Your sheer volume of talent could fulfil the staffing requirements of a small entrepreneurial business and then some. The knowledge that you have to share with the world is tremendous. 

Talent is cheap; Determination is Expensive; Skills are Priceless.

When you feel a disconnect between what you have now and what you feel like you are capable of giving to the world. it is a sign that you need to challenge yourself more. No, it is not about the material possessions, we are talking about lacking the opportunity to maximise your full potential. 

Ask yourself why you haven’t been working toward this goal yet and decide to take one step towards achieving your dream by challenging yourself. 

Visualize – Engage – Feel – Hustle

Diversify your portfolio of life experiences by challenging yourself more. think of it as an investment, invest your time, money and energy into activities that give you the biggest return. if it doesn’t feed your soul in some way or help you grow into who you were meant to be, Then find what does. 

“You are your best investment, it pays you best interest.” 

When your life is easy, it is a sign that you have fallen into a routine and that you need to get up and act. sure easy is hard to argue with, but it’s not what sucking the marrow of life is about. 

Life and living it includes both joy and pains, difficulties and times of ease and relaxation. if you are living it easy, you can be sure that a challenge will present itself to you soon, because nobody has it easy all of time. 

Life is happening right now, when you are not prepared, get ready. prepare for a mental assault and resolve to stay strong in your faith in your capabilities. 

Life is not about the ‘oh my god’ the excuses. when you start a sentence with ‘I want to…’ then end with ‘but’ midway through, you are making an excuse.  People are loaded with “buts”; that’s why the majority of people live pretty ordinary lives. But is not a word to use when you talk about your aspirations. if you are serious about reaching you dreams, nothing will get in the way. 

Stop saying But and you will be forced to move forward in life towards your goals and aspirations. There will be nothing standing in your way anymore. 

Guys, always remember – Don’t let your circumstances determine your outcome. You are bigger and better than that. You can always control your own destiny. Use what you have got, Find what you don’t, and make your dreams come true. 

What would you do if Money and Time were no object? 

Hustle Harder!!


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