Annoyed by carry those silly punch cards ? Or do you forgot to carry them when you go out to your favorite stores, due to which you miss out the special offer or the free coffee.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a customer loyalty application for your favorite store, not only to get discounts and specials, but to save money every time you go there.

Yes, the solution is simple, we present you PunchPie, the perfect customer loyalty application.


A basic application for that put the “Buy 10 get 1 Free” style cards onto your iPhones and androids but it offers you much more!!


It’s more than just a Loyalty application, here’s what you also get…

PunchPie is a revolutionary new product which allows you keep all your cards in one place – in your Smartphone. Not only that, you can search to see other PunchPie stores in your area, you can join their free programs.


PunchPie provides you more than just a stamp card, it provides you access with ease to full integrated points system. This allows you to collect loyalty points based on the each Euro you spend at a PunchPie store. You may redeem your points towards rewards and prizes at your favourite store.



All PunchPie stores provide you with a first visit bonus with either points or a free drink. Upon your purchase, you give your phone to the merchant to give you points by using his secret code. The merchants provide you points for every Euro you spend in one visit, and you may redeem your points for free food.


For example if you walk into one of the PunchPie, for the first visit with PunchPie, you are entitled to a Free Drink with every purchase your make. Further, you collect points for every single Euro you spend- 10 Euros = 10 points.

Now, If you check out the rewards list that every single store provides, you may redeem your points for absolutely free food.


In other words, PunchPie helps you invest in yourself and you save money upon every visit, further you are already paying for your next free meal today.


All your points and rewards safe in one place – PunchPie.


Download for free on iOS and Android – PUNCHPIE




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